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Customize Default WooCommerce Product Page with ASB

Are you selling your products in the WooCommerce store? If yes, then check out our demo product pages that we made with Advanced Swatches Builder. Imagine how your customers will buy your product if they cannot select their specific variation or see the whole product gallery. Default WooCommerce is good but lacks many features that ASB provides. You can transform your simple product page into a custom-designed high-end-looking page with extensive and advanced features available in our plugin. It mainly focuses on customizing product pages and giving maximum options to customize. With ASB, you can –

  • Add Variation Swatches
  • Customize Product Gallery
  • Redesign Archives/Shop Page
  • Add Advanced features from ASB

It lets you control every element of the product page. You can add product images related to variations, add the custom type of variations, showcase variations on shop pages and much more. It is fast, compatible, updated, and featurefull. Check out all the plugin details below.

ASB Features

General Features –

  • Device Responsive
  • Multilingual Compatible
  • Optimizing Compatible
  • Quick View Compatible
  • Third-Party WooCommerce Compatible
  • Browser Compatible
  • Site Speed Effective
  • Third-Party Page Builders Compatible

Advanced Features –

  • Magnifier Advanced Zoom
  • Amazon like Advanced Zoom
  • Fixed Gallery Feature
  • Device Breakpoints
  • In-Built Bulk Editor
  • Auto Troubleshooting
  • Accordion Variations
  • Variation Fees
  • Global & Separate Settings
  • Gallery Videos
  • Sliding Threshold & Index Feature
  • Group Variations
  • Advanced Slider Controls
  • Product Stock Availability

Variation Swatches Features –

  • Types of Swatches
  • Tooltips
  • Attribute Names
  • Prize Range Converter
  • Swatches Customizations
  • Advanced Swatches Features

Product Gallery Features –

  • Gallery Preset Layouts
  • Gallery Formats
  • Sliding Gallery
  • Stacked Gallery
  • Gallery Disabler/Enabler
  • Advanced Gallery Features
  • Advanced Image Controls
  • Advanced Thumbnail Controls
  • Gallery Dimensions
  • Lightbox Themes
  • Zoom Bubble Customizing
  • Gallery Navigation Controls
  • Gallery Zooming Controls
  • Auto-Playing Gallery
  • Device Sizes with Gallery
  • Gallery Sliders
  • Product Image Sliders
  • Configurator Use
  • Video Player Customizations

Archives / Shop Page Features –

  • Archives Compatibility
  • Archives Variation Swatches
  • Archives Link Controls
  • Archives Variation Control

General Features Explanation

Device Responsive – ASB is responsive to different screen sizes. It is compatible with mobile, tablet & computer screen sizes. You can customize plugin settings for different screen sizes separately.

Multilingual Compatible – It is compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML, Loco Translate, Translatepress, and Google Website Translator. You can translate strings easily by following plugin docs too.

Optimizing Compatible – It is compatible with third-party speed optimizing & caching plugins like WP-Rocket, W3 total cache, and WP fastest cache. Check out our plugin docs first if you using any of the above plugins.

Quick View Compatible – ASB is compatible with Various Third-party themes and Plugin’s Quick View feature. It works well with Flatsome QuickView, Elementor Pro Popups, OceanWP QuickView, and much more.

Third-Party WooCommerce – It is compatible with Third-Party WooCommerce features related plugins like, currency switcher, Checkout customizers, badges, and more. Check out our compatibility page.

Browser Compatible – ASB is compatible with different browsers too like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome & Edge.

Site Speed with ASB – ASB affects on-site loading speed as little as possible with a well-coded plugin structure.

Third-Party Page Builders – It is compatible with Third-Party page builders like Elementor, Elementor Pro, Divi, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder & much more.

Advanced Features Explanation

Magnifier Advanced Zoom – With ASB, you can convert your default WooCommerce Product Zoom into a Magnifier Zoom layout.

Amazon-like Advanced Zoom – With ASB, you can create an Amazon-like product image zoom. Also, It allows you to customize features according to your theme layout.

Fixed Gallery Feature – Product Gallery can be set fixed for attributes with ASB. You can set different product galleries per variation to make your product a configurator. It changes both product images and gallery images for that specific variation when it is active.

Device Breakpoints – You can fix screen size as a breakpoint, It will allow you to set different dimensions settings for different screen sizes to make the product page compatible with different devices.

In-Built Bulk Editor – ASB has an in-built bulk editor, you can customize product images in bulk without having any third-party bulk editor plugin.

Auto Troubleshooting – It allows you to purge all the plugin cache, reinstall every data table used, and reset settings to troubleshoot any plugin error with built-in features.

Accordion Variations – With ASB, you can create Accordion Style Swatches to create unique product page designs.

Variation Fees – With ASB, you can demand additional fees to add variations, It helps to use your product as a configurator. You can add additional charges with advanced variations.

Global & Separate Settings – ASB allows you to apply all advanced customizing settings both globally and separately. With this, you can set different settings for different products.

Gallery Videos – Add both, self-hosted and third-party hosted videos in the product gallery. It allows you to add videos with product images. Also, you can customize video appearances with various setting options available.

Sliding Threshold & Index Feature – ASB gives detailed features like when a buyer changes product variations, product images are changed with common index numbers. Also, you can limit the stock information about the product.

Group Variations – It allows you to make different groups of the same range of variations, For example – you can add product colors but with groups like matte, glossy & base.

Advanced Slider Controls – ASB allows you to customize different sliding animations you can change product sliders, and gallery sliders, put variations into a slider, and much more.

Product Stock Availability – ASB allows you to show products according to stock availability, if products are in stock or backorders are allowed, only then swatches will be visible otherwise buyers will get not available message.

Variation Swatches Features Explanation

Types of Swatches – Enhance default WooCommerce variations with ASB to make different types of swatches like image, color, Radio Buttons, and dropdowns.

Tooltips – Add tooltips on variation swatches to show a preview of the selected product image.

Attribute Names – Showcase attribute info as titles on the product page. For example – You can add additional info about variation by using an image as variation and info as text.

Prize Range Converter – Convert product prices accurately to the selected variations. No need to show price range instead, Show exact product prices. For example – A product shows a price range if it has different prices for variations, and ASB updates prices when the buyer selects variations.

Swatches Customizations – Customize Variation Swatches settings with available options like customizing dimensions, shapes, colors, borders, overflows, enable/disable ticks & much more.

Advanced Swatches Features – ASB adds advanced swatch features to your WooCommerce store like Accordion Swatches, Slider carousels, Variation Fees, Group Variations, and much more.

Gallery Preset Layouts – ASB allows you to use Preset Layouts of the product gallery to make customizing easier. You can choose your preferred gallery layout from available presets.

Gallery Formats – ASB allows you to change gallery formats with controls like additional gallery locations & Whole Gallery Alignment options and much more.

Sliding Gallery – Add Sliding Image Gallery with ASB, You can create a sliding gallery-type product page with a lot of customizing options in ASB.

Stacked Gallery – Add Stacked Image Gallery with ASB, You can create unique designs with a stacked gallery-type product page with a lot of customizing options in ASB.

Gallery Disabler/Enabler – It allows you to Enable/Disable ASB controls for products separately. If you need, you can choose to use ASB settings for a single or group of specific products and use the Default WooCommerce layout.

Advanced Gallery Features – ASB adds advanced gallery features to your WooCommerce store like Magnifier Zoom, Amazon Like Zoom, Fixed Gallery, Product Videos, Image Indexed, and much more.

Advanced Image Controls – It allows you to customize product image data, you can change image resolution, dimensions, aspect ratio, and much more.

Advanced Thumbnail Controls – It allows you to control Variation thumbnail image settings like image resolutions, and dimensions. number of appearing thumbnails, aspect ratio, border colors, and much more.

Gallery Dimensions – You can customize gallery dimensions to fit your theme design if you are not using any page builder. It is compatible with popular page builders but you can customize gallery dimensions without using page builders too.

Lightbox Themes – You can update Lightbox themes and control Lightbox options for product images with ASB.

Zoom Bubble Customizing – ASB allows you to customize image zooming bubbles with many customizing options. You can change dimensions & opacity and much more to fit your design.

Gallery Navigation Controls – ASB allows you to customize Gallery Navigation Controls like animations, directions, Transition speed, positions, and much more.

Gallery Zooming Controls – You can customize various zooming settings with ASB like zooming bubble shapes, zooming on hover, and much more.

Auto Playing Gallery – ASB allows you to make a playing product gallery. Also, you can set the gallery loading threshold to avoid affecting page speed and much more.

Device Sizes with Gallery – It helps you make the product gallery compatible with different device sizes. If your store is based on mobile users, you can customize product gallery settings for mobile screen size with ASB.

Gallery Sliders – Customize gallery slider settings with ASB. You can change the type of gallery slider, sliding duration, infinite Sliding Options & much more.

Product Image Sliders – Customize Product Image sliding options with ASB. You can change product image opening, sliding directions and animations, clicking effects, and much more.

Configurator Use – You can use ASB like a product configurator with simple settings tweaks. You can add fees for variations and add attribute-specific images for products.

Video Player Customizations – With ASB, you can add and customize product videos, you can choose to show different video controls, and you can customize thumbnails, dimensions, and much more.

Archives / Shop Page Features Explanation

Archives Compatibility – ASB is compatible with WooCommerce Archives and search Result Pages. It has advanced settings options to customize these pages as per your design.

Archives Variation Swatches – Add product’s active variations swatches into WooCommerce Archives and search result pages with ASB. You can add all types of swatches into archives.

Archives Link Controls – With ASB, you can choose what control variations are given to users on the archives page. You can use variations to control product images, add products to checkout, and much more. You can apply such settings to both global and separate levels.

Archives Variation Control – ASB allows you to control what variations to show on WooCommerce archives/search pages. You can block any specific variation type of the same product from showing up on archives.

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01, 08, 2023

5.2 to 6.3

5.0 to 8.0.2


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